Diploma and Certification System

All of those, who have any of the Logistics Academy diploma, had to prove that they are good in something from logistics areas.

All of those, who are good in something from the logistics areas, deserve to be granted one of the Logistics Academy diploma, and with respective title related to the diploma, which can be written after someone´s name.

Training courses, educational programmes and courses

The mastery beginning lays in the proverb „to know about all something and to know about something all“. This you will be provided with thanks to our educational programme LOGISTICS! What we are not able to handle ourselves in the logistics we can handle together and together we can handle all!

Our goal for you is: Orientation – knowledge – skills – intelligence – excellence.


Bc. Aleš Kostka, ALog.
KES - cable and electrical systems
The Logistic Academy enabled me, after years of experience, to prove my existing practical and theoretical experience in front of the professional forum in one time. The motivation for me was to achieve the highest qualifier level. Therefore, I could get the feedback in my logistics understanding as in the branches, which are close to my work and in branches, which are tangential for me. I have confirmed myself that complex attitude to solve tasks and issues are correct one. What more I have…

The earliest courses

Term Course name Place
Price excl. VAT
Price incl. VAT
Logistics Audit Bratislava
400 Eur
484 Eur
Innovation in Logistics Brno
9600 Kč
11616 Kč
Calculations for Inventory Management Ostrava
7300 Kč
8833 Kč
Logistics and supply chain management (SCM) in a modern company Bratislava
200 Eur
242 Eur




Logistika – obor počátku tohoto tisíciletí – potřebuje excelentní logistiky. Kvalifikace univerzálního logistika by však dnes již musela být natolik komplexní, že není reálně dosažitelná. Expert na logistiku bude vždy expertem na něco z logistiky – na SCM (Supplay Chaim Management, tj. management dodavatelských řetězců ) nebo na APS (Advanced Planning System, tj. systém pokročilého plánování), nebo na skladové technologie, obaly, manipulaci či dopravu (obecněji přepravu) a zůstává ještě logistika odpadů a city-logistika (městská logistika), logistika krizových situací atd. atd.