PhDr. Halka Kračmerová, CLog.
Project Manager, KOSTAL ČR spol. s r.o.

I have passed a series of the trainings and workshops in my professional life. I got even the first APICS level. All received confirmations and certificates are lying somewhere in the drawer. May be I could find them only with difficulties. The Logistics Academy Diploma is the first and the only one, which is glassed in, and it is at my work place. I value it very much. First, because it was not easy to get it and second its granting gave me much – the theoretical and practical experience connection, issue solving complex attitude necessity, knowledge increase and meetings with great teachers and interesting colleagues. 

Bc. Aleš Kostka, ALog.
KES - cable and electrical systems

The Logistic Academy enabled me, after years of experience, to prove my existing practical and theoretical experience in front of the professional forum in one time. The motivation for me was to achieve the highest qualifier level. Therefore, I could get the feedback in my logistics understanding as in the branches, which are close to my work and in branches, which are tangential for me. I have confirmed myself that complex attitude to solve tasks and issues are correct one. What more I have enriched my professional extends with very valuable knowledge by the communication with academic people and with branch specialists too. That has enabled me better to form and to realise my every day practical issues at my work. 

Company Clients

Třinecké železárny a.s.

LEGO s.r.o.

Kofola a.s.

DHL Express (Czech Republic) s.r.o.

Bosch s.r.o.