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Certification Process

Explore the Certification Process step by step – selected step navigation will be displayed after clicking on our logo. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to explain anything deeper.

Please use electronic application which is available for you on these websites. We will contact you approximately in one week after application sending to consult personally selected certification level and to agree next steps.

At least three years practice in the logistics areas (purchase, warehousing, transport, manipulation, production planning and managing, distribution, sales etc.) is the condition for the application. Other questions will be answered during our phone contact.

If you would like to extend your knowledge and skills in the logistics you should use our detailed and verified Educational Programme. Educational Programme can be presented in Prague, Ostrava, the Slovak Republic - Bratislava.

Particular tests are demanding in their content. However you can work them out in your privacy at home with e-learning. There are a lot of helpful documents in an electronic form and also a useful manual How to cope with tests efficiently.

Experienced lecturers can help you to identify a right project from your working area for the project defending. The offered Educational Programme gives you an ideal opportunity to discuss your project free of charges.

It has private party character. You defend it before the Commission presented by Lecturer´s educational LA team. It is necessary to use it as a general consultation before a final defence.

It has an open party character! Thanks to "small" defence nature the risk of failing is relatively low. That enables to hand the diploma over to a participant in a same day.