Ing. Jaroslav Bazala, Ph.D., ALog.

(Date of birth 5.8.1957) is the president of the Logistic Academy, one of the founders of the Chamber of Logistics Auditors in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, member of APICS (The Association for Operations Management), and the owner of PQL consultancy for quality and logistics, s.r.o.

  • From the year, 1995 has been working in the area of logistics as consultant, technology designer, lecturer and auditor. He started his professional career started as a designer of automated systems for managing production processes. After a long lasting educational stay in the Netherlands he is mainly focused to logistics from the year 1995 has been working in the area of logistics as consultant, technology designer, lecturer and auditor. He started his professional career started as a designer of automated systems for managing production processes. After a long lasting educational stay in the Netherlands, he is mainly focused to logistics.
  • He solves important logistic projects for companies VÍTKOVICE a.s., BONATRANS GROUP a.s., TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY a.s., TATRAVAGÓNKA POPRAD a.s., HELLA AUTOTECHNIK s.r.o., BOCHEMIE a.s., KOFOLA a.s., HM Partners s.r.o.  In addition, for many firms of various sizes.
  • He acquired his managerial experience as the first director of logistics in the company BONATRANS GROUP a.s.
  • In addition to solving and realization of logistic projects, he is primarily a sought-after lecturer and trainer. He is the main author of an extensive publication „The logistics in practice“ publisher Verlag Dashöfer.


I agree with Henry Ford who said: „If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.

What I arrange in the Logistic Academy:

I’m the president of the Logistic academy and my mission is to serve you all who will study for obtaining one of the granted diplomas. Simultaneously I will do all possible steps leading to growth and prestige of the Logistic Academy, which will result in increasing importance of the academy and the titles that you can acquire and use after your name.

Ing. Leo Tvrdoň, Ph.D., ALog.

(Date of birth 21.9.1960) was a university pedagogue at the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Ostrava, where he taught logistics for 11 years and currently works at the University of Logistics o.p.s.. He is also a co-founder of the firm DYNAMIC FUTURE s.r.o. in Ostrava, which deals with logistic consultancy. He worked there as a project manager and executive director.

  • He is the solver of projects for companies ŽDB GROUP a.s., Bohumín, Siemens Elektromottory Mohelnice, ACO Industrie k.s.  and for many others
  • He has been a member of the Chamber of Logistics Auditors since 2005.
  • He is an expert in processes of modeling using dynamic simulation.


"It is important to take off well but also to land safely."

What I arrange in the Logistic Academy:

Training in all parts of integral logistics, mainly using simulations of material flow management; consultations over project processing and their evaluation.

Rudolf Malý, ALog.

(Date of birth 2.1.1966) ssince the year 2008 he has been holding a position of the executive director of PST CLC, a.s., which is a Czech provider of logistic services. Before that, he worked in this company as a project manager. His main task was to implement project management principles into the company processes and setting up the system and visualization of reporting. He is a vice-chairman of the executive board of PST CLC, a.s.

  • In the years 1990-1995, he worked as the business director in LOCO plus Praha.
  • In the years 1996-2006 he held various positions in Kofola a.s., in 2000 he started to work as the logistic manager for the Kofola group (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary) and he was also responsible for production operations planning and managing.
  • In the year 2009, he became a member of the Chamber of Logistics Auditors.


"If a clear goal is set up, it is always possible to find a way to achieve the goal. It means: do search ways and not reasons."

What I arrange in the Logistic Academy:

Training in all parts of integral logistics including project management, logistic audit, logistic services outsourcing and presentation skills.

prof. Ing. Radim Lenort, Ph.D., ALog.

(Date of birth 25. 3. 1973) is a member of the Department of economics and management in metallurgy, Faculty of metallurgy and materials engineering, the Banska Technical university of Ostrava. He also is an adjunct professor at the Department of Management and System Engineering, Faculty of Management AGH (Poland). He also worked for three years as an adjunct professor at the Opole University of Technology (Poland).

  • International Society for Engineering Education (Switzerland) has granted him with the ‘ING-PEAD IGIP International Engineering Educator’ title.  He participated in a short educational stay at the Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys, Faculty of Economics and Informatics (Russia).
  • His pedagogical and scientific activities are aimed at strategic and logistics management of industrials companies.  He also works as a lecturer of courses for entrepreneurs.
  • Apart from his academic and lecture activities, he also participates in projects providing solutions for industrial companies (e.g. TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY a.s., VÍTKOVICE STEEL a.s.) and in scientific and research projects (supported for example by the Czech Grant Agency or by EU funds.) He is also an organizer and a guarantor of a regular scientific conference “Financial and logistics managing” (“Financial and logistics management”). He is a member of programme committees of domestic and foreign conferences (e.g. Total Logistics Management – Poland, Procesné riadienie – Slovakia).
  • He is the author or co-author of 85 publications (monographs, scientific journals, and conference or seminar presentations).


"Those who are in love with practice without knowledge are like the
sailor who gets into a ship without rudder or compass and who never
can be certain where he is going." (Leonardo da Vinci).

What I arrange in the Logistic Academy:

Training in all parts of integral logistics, information technology usage (mainly simulations), managerial and presentation skills, consultations over project processing, project evaluation.

Doc. Ing. Pavla Macurová, CSc., ALog.

Is a university teacher at the Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Ostrava. She specializes in quality management, logistic and process management. At these fields and at PhD and MBA studies she also is an expert guarantor.

  • She graduated in economics in industry from Technical University of Ostrava in 1997. She was granted the Doc. degree in the year 2000.
  • She acquired her expert skills during educational stays in industrial companies and during scholarships at universities abroad (Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands). In the recent years she is a responsible solver on several grant projects of the „Academic Development Fund and Grant agency of the Czech republic“ (development funds aimed at universities) in the field of logistics.
  • Her publication activity encompasses expert monographs, ten university textbooks, more than 20 expert articles and conference presentations, research reports.
  • She is a member of ‘Czech Society for Quality’ and ‘Czech Logistic Association’. She cooperates with companies and consultancy organizations in managing expert courses in the area of quality and logistics.


A permanent challenge not only for logisticians is a slogan which can be found in a Richard Koch’s book ‘80/20 Principle’: Progress requires simplicity; and simplicity requires ruthlessness. This explains why simple is beautiful but also valuable". The difficulty in the way to success is confirmed by an Antoine de Saint-Exupéry‘s statement “Technology develops from the primitive via the complicated to the simple.”

What I arrange in the Logistic Academy:

Training in all parts of integral logistics, mainly matters of quality, economics, logistic performance and expenses; consultations over project processing, project evaluation.

Ing. Petr Sysel, CLog.

(Date of birth 15.7.1969) He works at the position Production & Warehouse Manager in the international company Banta Global Turnkey recently. The company ensures services t the SCM field for global business chains in Hi-Tech and Medical areas.

  • In the years 1992 – 1999, he worked at different positions in the army logistics working structure and prompt deployment department at the Army Forces of the Czech Republic.
  • From 2000 until 2007 years, he worked at the Distribution Centre Logistic Manager position for Dutch German holding MOTIP DUPLI Group, where he was responsible for the inventory planning and managing whole process – from purchase to distribution processes in amount of the Middle Europe and South-East Europe.
  • He has been managing several successful projects focused to the improvement of logistics processes in the company for Banta Global Turnkey (from 2007). He has been participating in planning, preparation and implementation processes of new business projects.


„Common sense is the best tool to find the simplest solution … and these solutions used to be the best.“

Ing. Lumír Pektor

(born. 4.11.1964) is an advisor and certified auditor of quality management and environmental management.

  • Since 1998 he has been working as a self-employed in a field of quality management as an advisor, lecturer and auditor. He started his professional career as a technologist and later on as a manager andinternal quality auditor in Heavy Machinery Division of VÍTKOVICE a.s. 
  • Mr. Pektor cooperates in improving the management system with major domestic companies (ČSAD Frýdek-Místek, as, ČSAD Uherské Hradiště, as, Green Gas DPB as, MOBAL spol. S ro, Dopravní podnik Ostrava as) and abroad (Olympus Czech Group, sro, member ) and many other large, medium, and small enterprises.
  • Besides planning and implementation of projects in the field of quality and environmental management, is also one of the authors of the extensive publication „Integrated Management Systems“ published by Verlag Dashöfer.


„Life is a constant opportunity to apply love and creativity, so I prepare spirit and body to respond to every real challenge. I accept the consequences of my being humbly as a lesson. My goal is to rejoice in the present moment and bring inspiration and support to everyone who perceives it. ”

Michal Koláček, ALog.

(Date of birth 9.5.1963) iss currently self-employed in the area of consultancy in management and optimization of production systems, deals with logistic audit and is a partner of PQL consulting for quality and logistics‘

  • In the years 2005-2007, he worked as the production director in ČKD Vagonka Ostrava . His primary task was to decrease expenses and laboriousness, production restructuring aimed at increasing of production volumes, planning of processes restructuring and plans of 3-year technical development project for production basis development, where the target was to increase the productivity.
  • His lecture activity is aimed mainly at logistic and process management
  • He participated in solving projects e.g. for WIKOV MGI (Wikov Industry a.s), Bike Fun International s.r.o., Vítkovice a.s. NS 822 – Mostárna (Vítkovice a.s.), ŠKODA HOLDING. 
  • He  was involved in publishing of the book „The Logistics in Practice“  ( publ. Verlag Dashöfer)


„It is better to burn out then to fade away“ (Kurt Cobain, Nirvana)

What I arrange in the Logistic Academy:

Training in the fields of production logistics and logistic methods (field: industrial engineering) consultations over project processing and their evaluation.

Bc. Aleš Kostka, MEng., ALog.

(Date of birth 23.11.1957) He currently works for BONATRANS GROUP a.s.. He is responsible for long-term production plans creation in all production levels, with a special focus on stock in order to cover the seasonal influences. He also optimizes stock of material being processed in relation with stock of finished products, input material and other resources and outputs. He manages utilization of external production resources and cooperates on internal projects for process improvement.

  • In the past he worked in ŽDB a.s., Bohumín as the head of production preparation department.
  • He was granted with title at the university in Slovakia, as one of the first people he managed to get the Alog. Title. In the year 1997, he finished FMMI TU VŠB Ostrava.


"Human life does not have to be planned, for it is not so complicated. It is enough to be responsible for one’s mental and physical health."

What I arrange in the Logistic Academy:

Training in the fields of production planning and stock management. Information technology usage for logistics; consultations over project processing and their evaluation.

Ing. Radek David, ALog.

(Date of birth 9.3.1962) he is an expert consultant and lecturer in the area of logistics, works as a project manager in LOGICON partner s.r.o.. He is one of the founders of the Chamber of Logistics Auditors.

  • He graduated from VSB - Technical university of Ostrava in transport and material manipulation
  • He attended a year-long course „Veriniging Logistiek Management,den Haag - Logistics-stock management.
  • He has experience in the field of atypical manipulation machines development, gained in IMADOS
  • He learned his managerial experience when working as the executive director in KONPRO, as the head of the Ostrava branch of IMADOS Logistic and as the chief of the logistics department, Czech Post North Moravia.
  • He cooperated in realization of important logistic projects. His specialization is the field of stock management, purchase, logistic audit, dynamical simulation and logistic processes re-engineering. Among others, he worked for Český telecom, Philip Morris, Rudof Jelínek, České aerolinie, Plzeňský prazdroj, Tatra, Martek Medical.
  • He is a lecturer and trainer in logistics for several educational agencies.  He is a co-author of an extensive publication „The Logistics in practice“, publ. Verlag Dashöfer.


"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." (Henry Ford)

What I arrange in the Logistic Academy:

Training in all parts of integral logistics, stock management, purchase process organization, dynamic simulation, logistics audit.

Ing. Aleš Mandák, ALog.

(Date of birth 13.10.1977), since 2010, he has been working at the Supply Chain Director position in the Meopta – optika,s.r.o. Company in Prerov. The Company is the word-wide optics producer and is specialized in planning, development, construction, and production and installation processes of optics, optics-mechanical and optics-electronical systems. He graduated at the Mendel University in Brno. He has gained managerial SCH knowledge and skills thanks his working experience in world-known companies like Unilever ČR, HAMÉ, Ingersoll-Rand, or Meopta – optika,s.r.o.

  • He is engaged in the project management and reporting working career.
  • Leading and managing of larger projects, abroad working experience.
  • He is a member of the USA APICS Association, and its graduate.
  • He is an internal auditor according to ČSN ISO 9001, 14001,19011.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Member - Green Belt.
  • Certified Auditor of the Logistics.


„Supply Chain issues are not difficult, just use common sense and you win.“

„Never forget your internal and external customers – they should be your driving forces – only thanks to them you can be better.“

What I arrange in the Logistics Academy:

Supply Chain processes and issues– Supply Chain Management – purchase, planning, logistics, LEAN object, process flow mapping, and supplier-purchaser consignment relations.

Jaroslav Fürst, ALog.

(Date of birth 24.11.1976). He has been working a long time for the biggest combination transport operator in the Middle Europe – Metrans. He has collected his working experience thanks to working at different positions, like for example, by working in German port offices (1998-1999), Director of the Zlin Transhipment point (2000 – 2003), or Department Lead specialized in specific transportation ways and in new transport process directions (2004 – nowadays).

  • He has been granted by the „Forwarding Expert Diploma“by FIATA Federation (2009) and he has been specialized for the logistic transportation processes, technological methods, and processes connected to the transportation logistics.
  • He co-participated, among other things, e.g. at the educational module „Shipping packaging and cargo for the sea transportation“.


„Nothing can be the absolute science, not even science itself, either the life“ Jan Werich

PhDr. Halka Kračmerová, CLog.

(Date of birth 30.06.1964). She is a Consultant in logistics processes optimization projects, incl. ERP systems SAP. He gained also long-standing experience in automotive operational logistics. 

  • 1986 – Graduation at the Leningrad Pedagogical Institute (Russia).
  • 2000 – 2005: executive and managing positions at plant´s logistics: production planning and industrial construction, material disposal, customer deliveries, logistics and purchase department leading.
  • 2005 – 2011: logistics project management: external and consignment warehousing of input components, external warehousing and final product expedition, SAP logistics modules implementations. Activities in CZ, Germany, Italia, Ukraine.


„There, where the progress ends his life, the Death begins.“

What I arrange in the Logistics Academy:

International cooperation, IT&IS, ERP with SAP focus.

Ing. Emma Los (Nikiforova), ALog.

(Date of birth 19.9.1983). She is an independent advisor and project manager recently.

  • In 2009, she graduated at the Banska Technical University, Economic Faculty, European Studies Specialization.
  • In 2011, she finished one-year course study at the Logistics Academy successfully (title ALog.-Auditor of the Logistics).
  • She gained specialized experience at trainings like SQL, PRINCE2 project management, Lean Six Sigma process analysis.
  • She has been gaining specialized experience from 2006 in areas: International Trade, Economics&Finance, Logistics, Project Management, IT&IS Implementation, Process Analysis and Testing.
  • She gained managerial experience especially at the U&SLUNO, a.s. Company, where she has worked at the Project Manager Position for Warehouse IS Implementation Project and as a Stream&Test Lead at TESCO, a.s.
  • She utilizes in her career especially experience in the retail logistics (warehousing, shop/store, accountancy etc.), project management, IT&IS implementation projects.


Dear colleagues-logisticians, is a phrase meant to formally summarize the general motivation or intention, I decided to motivate you and me by my personal life goal and conviction Lets know what we want, do what we like and to be ourselves and to be happy with ourselves.

What I arrange in the Logistics Academy:

Retail logistics trainings; cooperation at the study development projects.


Ing. Ladislav Kožíšek

(Date of birth 25.03.1959). He started his professional career in the army. Thanks to his practical experience and abroad practical trainings in the USA, he could participate in the professional preparation of new special military service members.

  • From 2003, he has been worked in the logistical company HOPI. He went from HR department Lead position to HR Manager of HOPI ČR. He gained practical experience in working law for transportation and logistics area during his working in the Czech expanding company.
  • From 2008, he has been transforming his knowledge and experience as a lecturer of the labour law, orientated to its practical use.   


A manager who is thinking about his work is always one-step ahead her/his subordinates.

What I arrange in the Logistics Academy:

Labour law training and its using not only in the logistics.

Mgr. Bc. Pavel Vyvijal

(Date of birth 18.4.1964). He is an owner of the Professional Education Company.

  • From 2000, he has been working as a lecturer, trainer, and coach, host (facilitator and advisor) in the educational field.
  • He is creating development programs for companies according to their instructions and needs, so called fit to purpose with effect emphasis of particular development steps. The analysis of participant´s and customer needs is essential at these programs. Thematic areas are soft skills – communication, managerial, business and presentation. 
  • Pedagogical-psychological and economics education.
  • 8-year experience in a state administration.
  • 12-year experience in adult education processes.


Average teacher is talking. Good teacher is explaining. Excellent teacher is showing. The best teacher is inspiring. “ Artemus Ward

What I arrange in the Logistics Academy:

I am a trainer for managerial and presentation skills for attendees of the Logistics Academy.

Ing. Kamil Košťál, MBA, ALog.

(Date of birth 24.11.1968). He works as a lecturer and an advisor for human development processes. He is specialized in the change management processes in a wide range: from strategic goals specification, through communication changes, input status measuring and human energising process, to the final effective mode implementation and own change process realisation. 

  • From 2011, he has been working as an external lecturer and advisor.
  • In 2009-2013, he worked for Borcad cz s.r.o., first 3 years as a HR&Logistics Director, last year as a Logistics Director. Parallely, he was responsible for the project management and Kaizen.
  • In 1995-2007, he worked for BONATRANS Group a.s., first at the International Trade and Marketing Officer Position, later as a Manager managing gradually Strategy and Marketing Dep., communication, project management and quality deps..
  • He was taking care about change management process in all companies, where he worked at.
  • Apart from university graduation in the engineering specialization, he also finished MBA Studies and gained certificates like Quality Manager, Auditor of the Logistics, CIMA/NIMA-C.


Hardly anybody utilizes his potential to the full. People utilize only a small fragment. It can be because they cannot to wake it up fully, or there is no one is interested in their creativity and experience. That is why they cannot be satisfied to the full, never. They understand they have wings but they did not know how to use them or they cannot use them. My mission is to help people to get rid of cuffs and to learn flying.


What I arrange in the Logistics Academy:

Lean production lections and trainings, employee´s development, strategic management. Apart from mentioned activities, I ensure managerial skills and project management trainings.