Tailored trainings and workshops

To deal with everything in the logistics using only your own strength is not always effective and economically well founded. We can transfer to external partners many tasks (e.g. logistics providers) or to allow external experts to solve them. However, any there logistic tasks which remain and which we have to solve with our own strength and of course other new tasks and issues will come. 

Fitted workshop is very effective form of the internal education, which provides participants not only with appropriate knowledge’s but also with new skills. It is suitable to implement the logistics workshop in cases where it is necessary to solve specific and current (or even acute) task/issue from the logistics company part. This task is not possible to solve independently or we do not want to solve it with external help. Opposite – we want to be taught to solve the issue independently!  

Model issues:

  • to make running production time shorter
  • to decrease stock on hand of the input goods
  • to increase the reliability of the demand forecasting
  • to implement kanban system in the production
  • decision-making about outsourcing for the part of the logistics
  • changing of lay-out in WH or production place
  • to use one of the lean production instrument
  • to find out optimizing algorithm for the production scheduling at the frequent capacity working place (constraints in the production)
  • project preparation for WH moving or production place moving
  • etc.

Procedure – next one was proved:

  1. Initial discussion – consulting over the educational needs, respectively logistics task consulting which has to be solved.
  2. Shorted (mostly 1 day) logistics audit.
  3. Programme preparation which practically orientated (the programme contains realisation phase steps very often – i.e. how to archive particular outputs).
  4. Pilot workshop carrying out and possible modification of the prepared programme.
  5. Planned workshops realisation.
  6. Evaluation of the reached outputs and implementation of the next improvement process.


Workshop price is dependent on their realised numbers. Maximum amount is 20 thousands CZK (excl. VAT), minimum amount is 13 thousands CZK (the condition is there will be realised more than 4 workshops) without taking into the account number of participants at the workshop.


In 2011, we have realised fitted trainings and workshops e.g. for next companies: 

  • FREE ZONE OSTRAVA a.s., Ostrava
    Topic: Providing of packaging service including overseas packaging.
  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition Manufacturing s.r.o., Hustopeče
    Topic: Customs process and obligations related to good´s flow in the international trade.
  • Automotive Lighting s.r.o., Jihlava
    Topic: Storage Inventory decrease of the in-progress inventory and consecutive layout production place change.
  • DURA Automotive Systems CZ s.r.o., Kopřivnice
    Topic: New project´s placement to existing production lay-out 
  • BKR ČR s.r.o. (skupina VELUX), Vyškov
    Topic: Decrease of the running production time kanban implementation to the production