Ladislav Tobiasz, MSc., MBA, ALog.
TE Connectivity - Manager Logistics Operations Eastern Europe, TYCO ELECTRONICS CZECH s.r.o.

Thanks to the Logistics Academy I received the opportunity to understand theoretical background of activities, which I have been implementing in my practice already. I met some of my ex co-workers and was introduced to new logistics specialists and professionals from different logistics areas during seminars. I have been fully satisfied with the study at the Logistics Academy and I can recommend it.


"Theory Theory will always be just a theory until we do not take a step toward action."

Jan Amos Komenský

Tomáš Indrák, MLog.
Planning Officer, Hanácké železárny a pérovny, a.s.

The education at the Logistics Academy provided me with not only theoretical knowledge but also immediate verification of the functionality in practice processes. Educational programme is bringing particular logistics fields and same time is showing the importance of the complex sight into the logistics. The opportunity to meet real professionals from different fields and to share practical experience with them was very valuable for me also.

Ing. Marcela Serynová, ALog.

I made my professional knowledge deeper, I received the opportunity to be introduced to specialists, and I gained the skill to valuate logistics issues with an independent sophisticated eye. I met unbelievable willingness of LA and KLA members to discuss any logistics issue or task. 

Peter Dubovský, ALog.

What did I gain at the Logistics Academy? The answer is simple one. I could verify my practical experience and to look into the mirror of my theoretical knowledge. The Logistics is a new branch and I cannot imagine how to exist in it without new information. I met many new colleagues form logistics area. Experience, which I gained, and I could share also, is the most important, and at last the thing I waited from the Logistics Academy. I recommend to study at the Logistics Academy to everyone, who would like to receive new information.

Ing. Regina Gembalová, ALog.
Production Logistics Department Lead, TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY a.s.

What the Logistics Academy has provided me with: knowledge increase, experience exchange, more points of view to the particular issue, new ideas and inspiration for next work, new friends and contacts, great atmosphere in the team, certificate and title petting – the grade of reached practical and theoretical knowledge and skills. 

Ing. Zuzana Marková, MLog. Postgraduate
KOSHICE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Department of the industry logistics and transportation

The Logistics Academy gave me the opportunity to meet with experienced specialists in the logistics. Because I am representing academic field I could to Compaq theory and practice, theory fiction in the practice. Logistics is today´s phenomenon and it is inseparable part of our everyday life. The logistics is also the best specialisation, which I could choose for my postgraduate study. 

Martin Fischer, MLog.
Logistics Lead, PERI spol. s. r. o. Debnenia Lešenia Inžiniering

The main benefit, which I got at the Logistics Academy, was to meet colleagues and teachers from the logistic field. They have no only theoretical knowledge but they have also big practical experience. It was possible to solve existing issues together and it was invaluable benefit I can recommend the Logistics Academy to everyone who is working in the logistics and who wants to solve existing issues. 

Martin Věch, MLog.
Production Logistics and Planning Dep Specialist, VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY a.s.

Mark Twain told: “I wonder if God created man because He was disappointed with the monkey.” In addition, after he has resigned to continue in any experiments. I would like to argue against the second statement part. Because I had the opportunity to be there where highly educated people group tried to continue in experiments, may be even with God help, and this time on strictly science bases – in the Logistics Academy. To get the opportunity to meet too many friendly and educated people, to attend very inspirational lectures – that all was unusual opportunity how to use new ideas and knowledge in every day work. 

Ing. Lucie Kubicová, MLog.
Logistics Lead, Mölnlycke Healt Care s.r.o.

Thanks to the Logistics Academy, I got new knowledge and skills and not only from logistics fields but e.g. presentation skills. I met many interesting and great people thanks to whom there was great atmosphere during the whole course duration. In addition, top the best was diploma getting which I value very much because to get it really was not easy.  

doc. Ing. Petr Besta, Ph.D., CLog.
Academic Teacher, The Banska Technical University of Ostrava

Because I am working now as a teacher at the University the biggest benefit was for me to meet specialists in the logistics and working in well-known companies. 

Ing. Vlastimil Molek, TLog.
Production Logistics and Planning Dep Lead, VÍTKOVICE HEAVY MACHINERY a.s.

The Logistics Academy was not for me only the place to meet interesting people from the branch. It was for me also the place where I could get new sights into the logistics different production fields and distribution where different issues are solid than which I have to solve in the engineering production, which I work in. It was also the place where I could increase my knowledge in the project management and resource management. 

PhDr. Halka Kračmerová, CLog.
Project Manager, KOSTAL ČR spol. s r.o.

I have passed a series of the trainings and workshops in my professional life. I got even the first APICS level. All received confirmations and certificates are lying somewhere in the drawer. May be I could find them only with difficulties. The Logistics Academy Diploma is the first and the only one, which is glassed in, and it is at my work place. I value it very much. First, because it was not easy to get it and second its granting gave me much – the theoretical and practical experience connection, issue solving complex attitude necessity, knowledge increase and meetings with great teachers and interesting colleagues. 

Ing. Stanislav Kovář, CLog.

Sometimes I was looking for the possibility how to increase my education in the logistics. That is why I was very happy when I found the Logistics Academy presentation in the internet. Before I applied for the study, I had professional experience only with some logistics fields. During the studies, I have increased my knowledge not only in existing fields but also about the complete logistics chain. I liked how the education was built, teacher´s quality and attitude and studying materials. The training is built on the theoretical bases but with a huge amount of the practical examples. The man is realising once how individual parts are matching mutually and new connections are opened for her/him. Same time I had the possibility to meet very interesting people not only from teachers but also from studying colleagues. It could seem that with diploma granting everything ends for me. The opposite is true…for me it is a big motivation and the beginning for something new => I can only recommend the Logistics Academy.

Bc. Aleš Kostka, ALog.
KES - cable and electrical systems

The Logistic Academy enabled me, after years of experience, to prove my existing practical and theoretical experience in front of the professional forum in one time. The motivation for me was to achieve the highest qualifier level. Therefore, I could get the feedback in my logistics understanding as in the branches, which are close to my work and in branches, which are tangential for me. I have confirmed myself that complex attitude to solve tasks and issues are correct one. What more I have enriched my professional extends with very valuable knowledge by the communication with academic people and with branch specialists too. That has enabled me better to form and to realise my every day practical issues at my work. 

Petr Sikora, ALog.
Trading Director, PST Ostrava a.s.

I am selling logistic services, which are offered by our company PST Ostrava, a.s. That is why the knowledge of the logistics is key for me. The Logistics Academy gave me not only knowledge and skills but also unforgettable experience in the cooperation with interesting colleagues and great teachers. I recommend the Logistics Academy to everyone who wants to be the specialist in the logistics fields.   

Mgr. Dagmar Rozbrojová, ALog.
Logistics Dep Lead, Siemens Nízkonapěťová spínací technika s.r.o.

I liked on the educational programme of the Logistics Academy that it is orientated to all phases of the logistic chain. Parallel with the theory participants can also to Exchange practical knowledge and experience. In addition, this is something what distinguishes the Logistics Academy from other educational institutions. 

Rudolf Malý, ALog.
Executive Director, PST Ostrava, a.s.

If I have to characterize the Logistics Academy with one sentence then I am going to associate it with my life credo „IF THERE IS GIVEN CLEAR AND REALISTIC GOAL IT IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE TO FIND THE WAY HOW TO ACHIEVE IT.“ Do not look for and do not storage arguments how NOT! However, always be looking for the ways how YES! It means look for methods not reasons! I have persuaded myself about this statement validity during the pilot team cooperation several times. Also, about the importance of the team cooperation for own and company development. 

Ing. Martin Dubový, ALog.
Manager and Independent Consultant in the Logistics

During my long-time practice, I have had opportunities to work in interesting projects and same time to cooperate with many people who I have respected still. Only in the Logistics Academy, I had the chance to understand what it means: „…to be at the right place, at the right time!“ Highly qualified and demanding teacher´s team, complex sight into the logistics, knowledge and skills increase and deepening, all finished by diploma granting, and especially very friendly and very enriching meeting with other colleagues from the Czech and Slovak Republic. That is all very valuable experience and that is why I can heartily RECOMMEND the Logistics Academy to all who want to deepen and increase their knowledge and skills!  

Jaroslav Fürst, ALog.
Metrans a.s.

The Logistics Academy showed me that the logistics is a discipline with very wide take and its significance is rapidly growing. That is why to understand correctly logistic processes in different branches in absolutely Essentials to have a good market position today. I had not only the opportunity to verify and implement my existing knowledge and experience in projects. In addition, I got the opportunity to increase my sights and knowledge especially in fields, which are not in the direct connection with my professional field. Therefore, I could get complex picture about the interesting logistics discipline. At last but not at least the very valuable benefit was to meet people from different branches and specialisations who are connected by the interest in the logistics. In addition, this connection brings them not only the keep but also many interesting experience. Thanks to professional attitude of the lecturer team, I was able to defence the diploma and title, which I value very much. 

Ing. Kamil Košťál, MBA, ALog.
HR and Logistics Dep Director, BORCAD cz s.r.o.

As a responsible person for inventory flow managing I needed to get knowledge which could give me the possibility to provide quality and efficiency increase of logistic flows. The Logistics Academy gave me this possibility to get overview about all fields, which I can meet as the logistician, including those, which I could never start to study because I do not need them directly for my work (but I could need them in the future). I value very positively particular topic´s explanation, which were accompanying with illustrative practical examples. In addition, the possibility to be involved and to get experience from logistic issues which other attenders were solving in their companies. Tangible output was the implementation of changes in our company; it was also my final thesis content. I recommend the Logistics Academy of course. A graduate will got not only many interesting information but also the education way will be great. 

Ing. Prokop Havlík, ALog.
LOGIS a.s., Trading Director Prokop Havlik

High-quality liquor of basic knowledge from the whole logistics spectrum with nice atmosphere essence. Any quantity consumption is very useful (not only) for your professional life! 

Ing. Tomáš Vojtík, ALog.
Executive Director, LOGIS a.s.

I appreciate trainings led by „real logistics world“ lecturers mostly in the Logistics Academy. They bring to studying strongly practical meaning and about that such a type of educational programmes should be. The secondary effect was not less important. It lays in the meetings with people from different branches and working in different positions.

Though I am not able personally to Compaq the Logistics Academy with another simile institution providing education in the logistics I will recommend it strongly to all who are interested in their education and knowledge increase from the logistics discipline, especially because of next attributes:

  • The Logistics Academy accent on practical issue solving
  • High-quality teachers who are „not playing“
  • A good  ratio „value for money“
  • Nice and friendly working atmosphere
  • Human attitude of all workers who I met during the studies  

I am very happy I have graduated at the Logistics Academy and by that, I got the complex logistics insight. 

Ing. Ing. Tomasz Bień, CLog.
Project Goods Dep Lead, BONATRANS GROUP, a.s.

The Logistics Academy provides you with the unique opportunity in knowledge increase and in logistics discipline understanding. The fact that course is long-time duration gives the possibility better to introduce to other  logistics specialists, experience exchange, sight into other industry branches or services, knowledge enriching. Every participant will get the chance after to realise his own project or to present particular own results according to the specialized board requirements. Personally, I value very much that I could study at the Logistics Academy. 

Gabriela Horáková, MSc., ALog.
Logistics Manager, FEDERAL-MOGUL Friction Products, a.s.

The Logistics Academy gave me the opportunity to reach the professional expertise in the discipline, which I work in and which does not stop to surprise me with new and new challenges. Thanks to LA, I met many specialists from the logistics practice but also with colleagues from other companies. Enriching experience was to find out that point of views how to solve logistics issues can be different in different companies and so companies are solving same issues from different point of views. The big benefit was knowledge increase not only in logistics fields, which I meet every day. The study was organised in a way the every participant could suit it to her/his time reserves. I recommend the Logistics Academy to all who want to get the complex logistics picture. The bonus is highly regarded professional title. 

David Jirásek, CLog.
Department Lead DHL Freight, DHL Express ( Czech Republic ) s.r.o.

The Logistics Academy is a great opportunity how to find out what everything is covered by the term logistics. For me as the DP DHL logistics company the Logistics Academy gave the possibility to look into production factories and to find out some details, which can help me to understand and organise better.  During the studies you have the opportunity to me not only highly qualified teachers but also to meet „classmate“ who can become your friends in the future. The biggest benefit for every participant is the reality that by graduating nothing ends. Opposite, it begins. The lasting cooperation possibility after studies makes the Logistics Academy exceptional one. May be because " what we cannot make in the logistics independently, we can make it together and together we can make everything“. 

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing.(FH) Antonín Krejčí, ALog.
Logistics Manger, MAGNA Exteriors & Interiors (Bohemia) s.r.o.

The Logistics Academy gave me the ability of sight to all logistics disciplines and much idea show to optimize and provide things in our company. I recommend the Logistics Academy to all who are looking how to deepen theoretical knowledge strongly connected with practice of the logistics auditors. 

Bc., Ing. Jiří Kabát, CLog.
IFE - CR, a.s.

I started to work in my logistics manager profession as many other people, without appropriate specialized education. I have the university education but in other than logistics specialisation. In the beginning, you can deal with just „horse sense“ but surely it is not possible to work with it a long time. If you want to make your work really well and to understand it. The Logistics Academy helped me to start my effective issue solving. I got expertise literally „on the gulden plate“  which is inseparable in my work today. The content I could calmly to study in my armchair at home to e-learning. With my own pace and time which were given by my work and my family dispositions. The graduation at the Logistics Academy I find as a very good reference in my CV. 

Petr Kukuč, CLog.

The Logistics Academy forced me to think over about some systems for the productivity production in our steel construction „piece“ production again. I understand thanks to some previous training that it is hard to design and to push changes in „old working place“. But surely the Logistics Academy has shown me how the logistics discipline is important in nowadays and that its studying will bring me many benefits in the future in the current work position or in other one. I would like to thank also all teachers for lessons and their way of organisation. 

Ing. Aleš Mandák, ALog.
Supply Chain Director, Meopta-optika, s.r.o.

The Logistics Academy education surpassed my expectations. Well-balanced education mix, lesson´s form and content, interactive study, teacher´s experience and personal contacts – these all are big addend value, which I am going to use in the future. The Logistics Academy has helped me not to stop my personal development and to go to my professional goal – to be competent, professional and educated specialist in the logistics field or Supply Chain. The Study at the Logistics Academy I can heartily recommend to all branch´s colleagues. 

Ing. Marina Nikiforova, ALog.
Independent Consultant and Project Manager, U& SLUNO a.s.

Logistics = the right thing, at the right place, at the right time with the lowest costs. Only theory? Not at all, if you will get same as me the possibility to study at the Logistics Academy. It is the place where you are not petting only the theory but also you can verify here your knowledge and experience in circle of specialists and experts. Same as you have the possibility to increase your horizon in practically used advises and methods. In addition, this was interesting in all of that – theory in practice, no nonsense propositions, opposite „something“ what you can get only thanks to direct study contact with real specialists from this field. And granted diploma? It is the proof that you became real logistician too.

Ing. Lubomír Škapa, CLog.
Logistics Manager, BIKE FUN International s.r.o.

The Logistics Academy did not give me finalized issue solutions but it showed me the way, which I have to follow to be able to solve these issues. I did not become completed logistician after the graduating. Because only after this graduation I started to realise what plenty of knowledge and experience is necessary to have to be able to solve difficult logistics tasks and issues which everyday work can bring. By graduating at the Logistics Academy, your adventure does not end. However, it begins. The Academy took a small piece of my time but on the other side, this investment paid off in form of new knowledge and experience from other logistics fields and mainly in form of new friend´s and contact´s petting. 

Bc. Miroslav Štrbavý, ELog.
Logistics Manager, TATRA, a.s.

I have got knowledge during the study at the Logistics Academy, which I use successfully during the lean production attributes implementing in our company (Theory of constraints). Nice atmosphere, meetings with real specialists – that all is inseparable part of the high-quality education. That is why I can recommend this education to all who are seeking how to increase their knowledge from any field of the logistics.

Bc. Veronika Dvořáková, ALog.
Logistik-Leitung/Logistic Manager

The Logistics Academy was an interesting completion and increasing of my logistics knowledge. Lessons were practically orientated and this I missed when I was studying at the University. This fact I consider also as the biggest benefit. I got much also thanks to the preparation and at first place project presentation thanks to which I have understood how important role these knowledge and presentation skills are playing for every day work. 

Jiří Stacha, MLog.

The wide spectrum take, which is given by the study at the LA, is a big benefit not only for my professional life. Because of my current work and position the most valuable was for me production, logistics study part. Got knowledge help me to make correct and quick decisions regarding colliding orders and effectively to work with capability constraints. The theory during study is completed efficiently with practical examples. I have value very much now, with a time interval, the fact t was me who the employer gave the chance to study this course. Because got knowledge I use strongly in my work now. Whether it is about production logistics fields or other one. 

Ing. Petr Sysel, CLog.
Banta Global Turnkey

Studying at the Logistic Academy was very inspiring for me even after years of practice in the logistics. Studying program is a complex one. It describes individual logistics specified fields, and same time it brings comprehensive overview of the logistics. Aspects like LA atmosphere, lecturer´s responsiveness, possibility to meet professionals: that all helps to share practical experience from different logistic areas. 

Ing. Bohuslav Kočí, MLog.

The Logistics Academy offered me not only the opportunity how to widen my knowledge in such difficult area, which the logistics is. In addition, it provided me with a chance to meet and consult with professionals, who were sharing their knowledge and experience by very pleasant form. Each participant will get the opportunity to present her/his own project in front of the Commission based on received knowledge and experience. I can recommend to study at the LA surely. In February 2012, I succeeded in receiving the „MLog“Title. 

Ing. David Sivčák, CLog.

I have been working in the logistics area for more than 10 years. It means I had practical experience with logistics implementation in a production, warehousing, transportation, purchase and inventory control before I started my studies at the LA. The Logistics Academy helped me to deepen and sort my practical and theoretical knowledge. I could consult them with colleagues and lecturers – Professional and specialists from different branches. I recommend the LA to everyone who would like to work on himself or herself and who has the relation to the logistics. I believe the study will bring benefits to you. 

Ing. Pavlína Strakošová, CLog.

The LA study conception has surpassed my expectations. That was the complex overview of the logistics enriched with practical experience. In addition, that all we got a unique opportunity to meet many interesting people from different branches. Moreover, how can I summarize that all? To capture the core and to remember the goal, which has to be achieved always? The point is: that is not valid only in the logistics but also in our everyday lives. Then everything is like puzzle pieces, which fit together easily. Moreover, our doing has the sense. Thank You for the opportunity! 

Ing. Petr Symerský, ELog.
Director of the Logistics, Logistic & Material Manager

Regarding the LA: it is a good place where people (like me), who are absorbing more practical knowledge, can verify that some things can be calculated and verified directly „on the table“. I am happy I could take the overall run. Even sometime more being with my spirit on e-mails than in classroom. Even so, I am glad I could refresh practice and theory realisation also. 

Ing. Roman Dudáš, CLog.
Union Lead – Production and Service Control, VOP CZ, s.p.

Some days passed after I finished studying at the Logistics Academy. When I am thinking over the question: „Did I gain or lost? “ The answer is simple. I gained. My gain, profit is presented by new theoretical knowledge, new contacts, my own knowledge verification, logistics theory practical implementation. All, what I mentioned, you can meet in every educational institution, of course. The extra benefit of the Logistics Academy is the information transfer form to students. Moreover, the spirit of people, who try to transfer their knowledge and experience to others. I would like to thank to Ing. JaroslavuBazala, Ph.D., ALog. And to his colleagues. I strongly believe we will meet each other in the future. Just BTW, do you remember, the American George W. Plossl (*1918) expresses that like: „Forecasting in business is like sex in society: we have to have it; we can´t get along without it; everyone is doing it one way or another, but nobody is sure he is doing it the best way. “.

Ing. Tomáš Hermann, CLog.
Head of Quality and Safety, Huisman Konstrukce, s.r.o.

The Logistics Academy helped me to increase not only theoretical knowledge but also to get many new inspiring practical ideas from lecturers, who are real specialists. Of course, you can become a good logistician only after some years of practice. Bu thanks to the LA I have created a firm knowledge base, which is very Essentials in this complex discipline. 

Milan Ferenc, ELog.

I thank to the Logistics Academy for my personal and professional progress. Leading lecturer attitude is and will always be the inspiration source for me in my next life. I recommend to study at the Logistics Academy to everyone, even just touching any of these dynamic discipline topics.